To receive an Easter Jeep Safari magazine you must register your profile on the website - see the ABOUT page.  These are bulk mailed in January every year. If you want one at other times of the year, depending on availability, you will be redirected to an order page, we charge only postage for a copy.   As with any magazine subscription, you must enter your information into the site and keep it active by logging in every now and then to receive magazines in the future.  Please DO NOT CREATE a new account every time you log in, and be sure to jot down your password for future logins or contact us and we will let you know what it is.

FOREIGN MAILINGS of the Easter Jeep Safari magazine. Due to the cost of mailing these to countries other than the United States, you will need to be a member of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers to receive the magazine. We will use your dues to pay for the mailings - to join, see the ABOUT tab.